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Ring Sample Program

Andrew Nyce Designs


Ring Sample Program

Andrew Nyce Designs offers ring samples to assist customers in making their final purchase decision. These samples may not necessarily be the size, width or product ID that you are interested in purchasing. However, they will provide you with an opportunity to see the craftsmanship that goes into each ring as well as the colors of the Mokume rings and the metallic luster of the Damascus rings.

We do our best to provide prospective buyers with the opportunity to view rings in person. We realize that touch and feel is an important consideration when making such a personal purchase decision.

Please inquire to see if we have a sample ring that closely matches your needs.

We require that the prospective client pays for shipping and insurance of the ring(s) both ways. In addition, we require prospective clients to allow us to charge their credit card the full retail value of the sample ring(s).

Our sample rings also are available for purchase as is. We offer the ability to resize sample rings within a narrow range of ring sizes.