Ring Profile

One of the final steps for making a ring is applying surface contours to the top of ring profile and a Comfort Fit to the inside surface of the ring. The Top of Ring profile and Comfort Fit are independent of each other, but work together to provide overall comfort and fit.

Andrew Nyce Designs offers the following options for Top of Ring profiles:

Domed Across the Top
Flat Across the Top
Half Round

The amount of doming is dependent upon on the overall width and thickness of the ring. Doming is less pronounced on wider rings.

Half Round rings only can be selected on rings with narrow overall widths. For example, a 4mm wide Half Round ring would be 2mm thick while an 8mm wide Half Round ring would be 4mm thick. A 4mm thick ring would be extremely uncomfortable to wear and undesirable.

Comfort Fits are standard on all Andrew Nyce Designs rings unless specifically stated otherwise. Comfort Fit rings slide on with ease and fit more comfortably on your finger.