Channel and Flush Set Gemstones

One way to show your sense of personal style is to have your gemstone set into the Mokume Gane band. To achieve this look, Andrew Nyce Designs offers both Flush Set and Channel Set gemstones.

Flush set and channel set gemstones
Mokume Gane Flush Set Gemstones Mokume Gane Channel Set Gemstones
Flush Set Channel Set
Flush Set Gemstones

The Flush Setting consists of one or more gemstones that are set into the surface of the Mokume Gane band until they are nearly level. Precious metal bezels/inserts can be used for setting the gemstones into the surface of the Mokume Gane band; typically, they are not used. While aesthetically pleasing, bezels add significant cost to the price of the ring.

Channel Set Gemstones

The Channel Setting consists of small gemstones that are closely aligned next to one another in a groove, or channel. Typically, round gemstones are placed in a channel. Channel settings also can be used when there is no center gemstone. In this case, channel settings can make the perfect companion to a matching ring with a diamond solitaire.

Gemstones, ranging in size from 0.0075 carats up to 0.10 carats, are seated in holes or grooves that have been drilled into the surface of the ring. The width of the ring dictates the maximum size gemstone that can be Flush or Channel Set. Up to 20 Flush or Channel Set gemstones can be placed on the Mokume Gane band.

Gemstones can be either Round or Square in shape.

There are three options for arranging Flush Set gemstones on the surface of the ring:

  • Center-Aligned - gemstones are evenly spaced and follow an axis around the center of the ring
  • Random - gemstones are spaced evenly in a random pattern
  • Custom - gemstones can be placed on the ring with any pattern, spacing or grouping