Surface Etching

Andrew Nyce Designs offers two surface finishes for Mokume Gane rings: matte and etched. A matte surface finish is standard on all Mokume Gane rings unless otherwise specified. Etching is an optional surface treatment.

An etched finish is achieved by using chemical solvents to selectively etch away material thereby providing a much greater contrast between the Mokume Gane precious metal alloys. An etched ring also has a matte surface finish.

The images show a comparison of two, three and four-tone Mokume colors, each with a matte finish and an etched surface.

Matte Finish
Etched Surface
Glacial Mist (Two-tone color)
santa-fe-mokume Santa Fe (Three-tone color) etched-santa-fe-mokume
maui-sunset-mokume Maui Sunset (Four-tone color) etched-maui-sunset-mokume