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Mokume Gane

Unique Wedding Bands • Engagement Rings • Men's Rings

Our custom designed precious metal Mokume Gane wedding, commitment, and engagement rings are an excellent choice if you are looking for a rich, vibrant and unique piece of jewelry. The ability to forge various precious metals such as Red, White, or Yellow Gold with Sterling Silver, Platinum, or Palladium allows for stunning two-, three-, and even four-tone color combinations. Our unique Mokume wedding bands and engagement rings with the distinctive "wood grain" pattern are handcrafted to your exact specifications.

Essentials Collection

For those who prefer a classic, uncomplicated look, The Essentials Collection is a simple, yet elegant design. The unique wood grain pattern of intertwined precious metals is the star of this Mokume Gane piece and can be seen throughout the ring, including the inside. The profile is typically domed across the top to maintain the simple beauty of this collection. Browse the Essentials Mokume Gane Ring Collection.


Embraced Collection

By enveloping a Mokume Gane band in a channel of Gold, Platinum or Palladium, we have created The Embraced Collection. The romantic concept of your favorite color combination forged into a one-of-a-kind pattern permanently cradled in precious metal makes this collection a favorite for wedding and commitment ring sets. Channel edges touching the skin are rounded to provide a Comfort fit. Browse the Embraced Mokume Gane Ring Collection.


Meridian Collection

The Meridian Collection takes the concept of wrapped around your finger a step further. A narrow inlaid band of Gold, Platinum or Palladium intersects the surface of the ring. This meridian neatly bisects the elegant Mokume Gane pattern. Browse the Meridian Mokume Gane Ring Collection.


Wedding Sets Collection

By matching the patterns as closely as possible, these one-of-a-kind wedding sets and anniversary bands reflect the lives of two individuals journeying together along a shared path of life. Any Essentials Collection ring can be ordered as a matching wedding ring set. Browse the Mokume Gane Wedding Ring Sets Collection.


Engagement Collection

Enhance a classic, yet elegant round Mokume Gane band with a diamond setting for the perfect one-of-a-kind engagement ring or anniversary gift. Or try our Cathedral or Trellis designs which add a dynamic flair that results in a visually stunning engagement ring. Wedding or commitment bands can be created at the same time to match your engagement ring and create the perfect engagement ring set. Browse the Mokume Gane Engagement Ring Collection.


Men's Collection

Our Mokume Men's rings marry the ancient Japanese metalworking art of Mokume Gane with the craftsmanship of Damascus Steel. The origin of both these techniques is rooted firmly in sword making. Mokume Gane men's rings offer the strength and fortitude that mirrors their history. Browse the Mokume Gane Men's Ring Collection.