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Gay & Lesbian Wedding and Commitment Rings

Unique Custom Designed Wedding Bands • Engagement Rings • Men's Rings

Andrew Nyce Designs offers unique Mokume Gane and Damascus Stainless Steel handcrafted wedding bands, commitment rings, engagement rings, and matching wedding and engagement ring sets. Our mission is to craft intricately patterned rings that reflect the individuality and unique interpersonal relationships of our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender customers.

Andrew Nyce Designs is an LGBT-friendly design studio.

Damascus Stainless Steel

Our Damascus Stainless Steel rings replicate the strength and subtle beauty of the ancient swords hand crafted by Syrian artisans over a thousand years ago. Damascus rings radiate the power required to forge them and the strength that makes them so durable. These unique rings are bold but not brash and enduring yet still complex. And they are as distinctive as the individuals who wear them. Our Damascus rings are custom designed to your exact specifications. View our Damascus Stainless Steel Rings.

Gay Wedding Damascus Steel Rings

Mokume Gane

Our Mokume Gane rings are an excellent choice if you are looking for a rich, vibrant and unique piece of jewelry. The ability to forge various precious metals such as Red, White, or Yellow Gold with Sterling Silver, Platinum, or Palladium allows for stunning two-, three-, and even four-tone color combinations. View our Mokume Gane Rings.

Gay Wedding Mokume Gane Rings