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Gemstone Ring Care Guide


Our distinctive Mokume Gane and Damascus Stainless Steel wedding, commitment, diamond engagement, and men's rings are handcrafted to your specifications. This guide will help you care for your unique Mokume Gane or Damascus Stainless Steel ring with gemstones.

Contact us. We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the care of your gemstone.

Care Instructions for Rings with Gemstones

Slight bumps and taps occur during the normal wearing of your Mokume Gane or Damascus Stainless Steel ring. Over time, gemstones can become loose no matter how expertly the initial setting has been done. In fact, gemstones can become so loose that just one additional tap or bump could pop the gemstones out of their settings.

Because of this, Andrew Nyce Designs advises that any ring containing gemstones be cleaned and inspected by a trusted jeweler after the first month of wear, and then at least every 6 months thereafter. The cleaning will keep the gemstones looking their best. And the inspection will determine whether the gemstone is still tightly held in place by the setting or whether there has been any structural damage to either the gemstone or setting.

We offer the following suggestions:

  • Have an accurate appraisal of your engagement ring updated every few years in case of loss.
  • Insure your valuable engagement ring against theft, loss, or accidental damage.
  • Periodically clean your ring, especially around the gems, with solution of water and mild liquid detergent. A soft bristled brush can loosen dirt and a soft, lint-free cloth should be used for drying.
  • Take your ring off before participating in a sport or other vigorous activity that could involve sharp blows.
  • Take off your ring while cleaning with harsh chemicals because they may discolor, dissolve, or otherwise damage either the stone or the setting.