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damascus stainless steel

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Damascus Stainless Steel rings replicate the strength and subtle beauty of the ancient swords handcrafted by Syrian artisans over a thousand years ago. Damascus Steel rings radiate the power required to forge them and the strength that makes them so durable. These unique men's and women's rings are bold but not brash and enduring yet still complex. And they are as distinctive as the individuals who wear them. Damascus Steel is a contemporary metal that represents a stylish alternative to titanium. All of our Damascus Steel rings are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are 100% rust-proof.

Our Damascus Steel wedding, commitment and men's rings are custom designed to your exact specifications.

Essentials Collection

For those who prefer a classic, uncomplicated look, The Essentials Collection is a simple, yet elegant design. The distinctive Damascus pattern is the star and can be seen throughout the ring, including the inside. The profile is typically domed across the top to maintain the rugged beauty of this collection. Browse the Essentials Damascus Steel Ring Collection


Embraced Collection

By enveloping a Damascus Stainless Steel band in a channel of Gold, Platinum or Palladium, we have created The Embraced Collection. A band as unique and eternal as your love cradled in precious metal makes this collection a favorite for wedding and commitment ring sets. Channel edges touching the skin are rounded to provide a Comfort fit. Prices starting at $1080 - Browse the Embraced Damascus Steel Ring Collection.


Grooved Collection

We have taken our classic Damascus Steel band and dug a groove around the surface of the ring. In doing so, we have used the groove to divide the subtle beauty of the Damascus pattern and yet still enable enough cues to allow the wearer to visualize the entire pattern. This ring design should get you into the Groove.  Browse the Grooved Damascus Steel Ring Collection.


Meridian Collection

The Meridian Collection takes the concept of wrapped around your finger a step further. A narrow inlaid band of Gold, Platinum or Palladium intersects the surface of the ring. This meridian neatly bisects the delicate Damascus pattern. Browse the Meridian Damascus Steel Ring Collection.


BOLD Men's Collection

BOLD rings feature a wide band of Damascus Stainless Steel set in a precious metal or Stainless Steel channel. Framing the ring with a wide channel focuses attention on the Damascus band. The addition of a black oxide coating makes the Damascus pattern really stand out. Browse the BOLD Damascus Steel Men's Ring Collection.


JET Men's Collection

JET rings feature a wide band of Damascus Stainless Steel with a jet black oxide coating. The distinct Damascus pattern is visible on both sides of the ring. Browse the JET Damascus Steel Men's Ring Collection.


JET Racer Men's Collection

JET Racer rings feature a wide band of Damascus Stainless Steel with a black oxide coating and an inlaid band of precious metal that races across the surface, complementing the Damascus pattern. The inlaid band can either be narrow or wide. Show your sense of personal style by adding channel or flush set diamonds. Browse the JET Racer Damascus Steel Men's Ring Collection.


unLINER Collection

The unLINER is formed by applying a high polish to the inner surface of  the Damascus Steel band. It is a low cost alternative to having a precious metal liner and is available for all Essentials, Meridian, JET, JET Racer, and Grooved Damascus wedding and men's rings. Browse the unLINER Damascus Steel Ring Collection.


Engagement Collection

The band of Damascus Stainless Steel has patterns as individual as fingerprints which set these distinctive diamond engagement rings apart from all others. Wedding or commitment bands can be created at the same time to match your engagement ring. Browse the Damascus Steel Engagement Ring Collection.