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To craft intricately patterned rings that reflect the unique interpersonal relationships of our customers.

"Our rings are uniquely yours."

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Andrew Nyce Designs

About Andrew Nyce Designs

Andrew Nyce Designs crafts unique, custom-designed wedding, commitment, engagement, and men’s rings in Mokume Gane and Damascus Stainless Steel.

It was natural for Andrew to gravitate toward these unusual and complex materials.

"I am intrigued by the history and beauty of Mokume Gane and Damascus Stainless Steel. Each of these materials has beauty in their patterns, colors and the play of shadow and light that speaks to me and motivates me each day. No two pieces of jewelry are ever exactly the same."

At Andrew Nyce Designs, the joining of different metal alloys to create Mokume Gane or Damascus Stainless Steel is a metaphor for the union of two individuals who journey along a shared path in life.

Our team:

Andrew Nyce : Goldsmith and Founder, Retired
Chris Ploof : Owner of Chris Ploof Designs


Andrew Nyce

andrew-nyce-bioAndrew’s career as a goldsmith and jewelry designer did not follow a traditional path. For most of his professional career, Andrew worked with exotic materials in the realm of science and engineering. Andrew holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgy and Materials Science. And he founded and managed a highly successful advanced materials consulting R&D firm. Through the years, he occasionally created art and jewelry from these high-tech materials.

In the mid-1990's, Andrew considered taking formal jewelry-making courses. But, the demands of running his firm prevented him from pursuing this interest. At the start of the new millennium, two years before selling his business, Andrew made the leap and began taking jewelry-making classes at the Maine College of Art.

Upon retiring and selling his company in 2002, Andrew pushed headlong into jewelry-making with the same dedicated approach that he brought to his former career. In the jewelry studio, Andrew found that he was able to balance his artistic side with his scientific side.

"To me, metalsmithing is more than just the technique of working metals into a desired shape. It is the skillful blending of art and science to create a lasting symbol of one person’s love for another."

Along with additional coursework at the Maine College of Art, Andrew immersed himself in carefully selected intensive jewelry workshops that focus on design and technique. He undertook hundreds of hours of private lessons with master goldsmiths and teachers including Tim McCreight, Pauline Warg, Jean Paterak, Ann Hollerbach, Paulette Werger, Blaine Lewis, Kate Wolf, Phil Piorier, Steve Midgett, and James Binnion.

Adhering to a motto of continuous learning and scientific discovery, Andrew embarked on several collaborative research projects designed to advance the state of the art of jewelry-making for practicing jewelers. These projects provided Andrew with knowledge and experience that made him a better goldsmith.

Other highlights of Andrew’s distinguished professional career include five US and Foreign patents, publication of over 200 reports and articles, designed commercial scientific equipment, co-founder of a scientific equipment company, co-founder of WebMagnetics, an Internet company, visiting Assistant Professor - University of Maryland, Centennial Fellow of Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and Amos Tuck executive training program - Dartmouth College.

In 2012, Andrew retired for the second time and turned over the production and sale of his ring designs to Chris Ploof Designs.


Chris Ploof

In July 2012, Chris Ploof and his company, Chris Ploof Designs, took over the manufacture and sale of Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel wedding and engagement rings for Andrew Nyce Designs.

Chris has studied with well known artists such as Steve Midgett and Bruce Paul Fink and apprenticed under goldsmith Neal Rosenblum. Chris's eclectic educational background includes studies in everything from large-scale casting and lampwork beadmaking to lapidary and polymer clay, blacksmithing and machining. Chris' studio is located in Rhode Island where he designs and handcrafts several lines of exclusive production jewelry, as well as many custom pieces. He has taught metalsmithing and lectured at many schools and shows across the United States.

Chris' expertise in the use of difficult to work materials and the manufacture of Mokume Gane allows him to design and create beautiful treasures for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

"I am inspired by historical styles and methods, but I also love exploring new techniques and materials, pushing the envelope of current and accepted techniques. Challenges always seem to lead down long roads even after they have been met, and spawn many future ideas and designs for me. I approach my work with an open mind, ready to learn new things about my medium. My sense of humor is my greatest asset when things don't go as planned. The best discoveries can come from the biggest mistakes. Impossible is only a temporary condition."

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